Rosslare's smart digital switches for extreme environments

The mullion non-sparking piezoelectric EX-17 and the EX-07 represent a revolutionary series of smart and stylish digital switches that improve security, safety and simplicity in high risk industrial environments.

Reliable, resilient and robust these anti-vandal units are high performers in mines, oil rigs, refineries as well as other harsh environments, within a wide range of temperatures indoors or out. Built to function in demanding work zones as well as stylish industrial constructions, they are highly suitable for heavy machinery, industrial panels, access control systems and modern architectural environments.

Digital enhancements The EX-17 and EX-07 digital processing capabilities, offer many features that heighten their functionality - a significant evolvement in switch design and development.

These enhancements create a multitude of remote controlled audio and visual indications that help to identify the type and rate of risk including; selected red, green or no illumination with lighting and dimming options, a built-in buzzer with alarm options, audio-visual alerts for evacuation and other alerts.

The switch technology generates a dry contact N.O and N.C relay pulse with the touch of a finger.

The heavy-duty switches can work in Led control mode when connected to controllers pre-configured for door opening. They also contain fully separated dual relay contacts with split control and relay toggle options, enabling control of two separate locks.

Customization Being customer-centric, the products can come with custom labels by application, language and any other requested requirement.

Designer look and feel The corrosion resistant EX-17 and EX-07 have been stylishly designed in a sleek metal Piezoelectric switch box with no moving parts. Their elegant shape and color and fading features afford a modern look and feel that highly appeals to designers seeking an architectural impact.

Built by the highest manufacturing standards and quality materials under Rosslare's certified ISO 9001:2000, the switches readily mount to a standard size gang switchbox.