New York Private School Uses Wireless Gate Solution

FORESTVILLE, CONN. – November 7, 2006 – Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies today announced that the Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the nation's leading co-educational 9 through 12 and post-graduate level schools in New Hampshire, has upgraded from mechanical locks to Schlage wireless access control to provide a complete security solution at its three remote parking locations. Currently, three wireless gate kits are in use. The school plans to install an additional 40 wireless points throughout the campus in the near future.

"These locks have been installed for only three months and we have already saved $56,400 by switching to wireless," reports Marshal Miller, the academy's locksmith and card access systems administrator. "In comparison, it would have cost us $20,000 per gate to wire such a long distance. Instead, we paid only $1,200 per gate for wireless locks. As importantly, we will continue to save money on maintenance since we won't have to fix corrosive wires during seasonal rains and frequent campus floods."

Schlage wireless on-line locking systems are one of the fastest growing implementations in access control. These solutions seamlessly integrate into the access control panel, eliminating wire between the lock and the access control panel and providing a complete solution at each opening.

At Phillips Exeter, the Schlage wireless gate locks were integrated into the Academy's existing Andover Continuum access control system. This was a deciding factor in switching to Schlage wireless because the school didn't have to replace their existing keys or ID proximity card credentials, used by students, faculty and staff. The Academy also currently uses standalone Schlage CM (Computer-Managed) locks on their 27 exterior and some high security interior doors. The CM locks' proximity card credentials are also compatible with the new wireless locks.

Soon, the Academy plans to add wireless locks to three additional academic buildings with eight doors each. According to Miller, it typically costs approximately $8,000-9,000 to wire four doors. After testing, calculating labor and material costs, Miller figures that installing Schlage wireless locks will save the Academy anywhere between $6,200 to $7,200 for each set of four doors.

"Wireless access produces cost savings," shares Miller. "On three buildings, we can save up to $43,200 by using wireless. We minimize time spent with contractors. There are no driving nails through the wires, no problems with incorrectly laid wires, or no using the wrong type of wires."

During a power outage, Phillips-Exeter's new wireless system will re-link itself back to normal once the power comes back on. There will be no need to tour the building to reprogram locks or download transaction logs and audit trails. All events will be recorded in real time by the computer in the security office.