Brivo Systems Releases ACS OnSite Version 1.0.2h

Bethesda, MD, December 7, 2006 – Brivo Systems, the leader in Web applications for access control and security systems, today announced the release of Version 1.0.2h of the Brivo ACS OnSite Application. This version brings two new functions to the standalone control panel to enhance access control management: Group-activated Schedules and Two-factor Credentials. Version 1.0.2h also supports Spanish and French as user interface options, greatly increasing the markets and usability for this highly successful new product. ACS OnSite is Brivo's standalone access control system, ideally suited for providing security at a single facility, even if that facility houses more than one business.

Group-activated Schedules allow schedules to be linked to a specific group of users so that a schedule is not activated until a member of the specified group presents a valid credential. Group-activated Schedules enable two functions: First-Person-In, where credential holders from a specific group are designated to enable devices related to that schedule; and Supervisor-on-Site, when a member of the enabling group must present valid credentials to activate the schedule for the devices at that site.

For Two-factor Credentials, Administrators can require both a card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access to a door or device. The requirement may be set for specific schedules and for individual devices. The addition of these two new functions means that Brivo customers can now establish sophisticated access controls for greater flexibility and to more fully comply with their organizational policies and insurance requirements.

In addition, the new OnSite version will allow administrators to set their user interface to Spanish or French, in addition to English. The application can either automatically detect the user's browser language preference settings, or the language may be selected within the application.

Brivo is the only company to offer both a "Web–hosted" and "Web–connected" solution to their customers. The Web-hosted solution, ACS WebService, also supports Group-activated Schedules and Two-factor Credentials.

Existing ACS OnSite customers can access the new features and interface options simply by downloading a firmware upgrade for their existing panels. Brivo's website,, has already been updated with content in French and Spanish, so all user content and documentation is now available in all three languages.

"Our access control solution continues to keep pace with the requests that we receive from end-users and the demands we anticipate in the marketplace, said Steve Van Till, President and COO of Brivo Systems. "Both our WebService and OnSite customers will continue to enjoy new features and enhancements and easy access to these improvements, ensuring that their Brivo solution will continue to meet their needs far into the future."