Intellio to introduce new cam solutions

Demonstrating its newest technological achievements, the Intellio Team is bringing to Birmingham new intelligent detectors and systems solutions built inside and around its Megapixel resolution intelligent video cameras. Along with its already-deployed intelligent features, the Intellio cameras and system will showcase the latest advanced analytical features such as:

"Using the newly developed Intellio Retail Solution Pack our clients can better utilize their security surveillance system to gather important intelligence on visitors’ behavior. The new Optical IntelliZoom feature enables our clients to recognize, follow and easily trace any unauthorized intruders at the earliest stage before any damage occurs to their property or human life. We are proud to exhibit at IFSEC these new innovations that represent a landmark development in Video Content Analytics," says Janos Kophazi, CEO of Intellio.

To hear about the new security features and financial benefits of the Intellio intelligent cameras, come and meet us at the Intellio booth No. 17 042.