Dortronics Fills Pfizer's Prescription for Customized Mantraps

Sag Harbor, NY (December 5, 2006) – Custom building man traps for installation at Pfizer's Groton, CT facility is part of the routine service provided by Donali Systems Integration of Guilford, CT – until one day owner, Don Ludington, saw an ad in a security publication for Dortronics door interlock systems.

"I was not familiar with pre-manufactured mantraps so when I saw the Dortronics' advertisement, I called them immediately," said Mr. Ludington. "The service from Dortronics was outstanding and within days we had received the unit and had it installed without any problems."

The Pfizer facility has several airlock applications for which Donali Systems Integration had been custom fabricating their own mantraps. All entrance doors have HID card readers for authorized entry and exit and after swiping the card, the door opens automatically for entry to the vestibule. The inner door remains locked until the outer door closes and is secured with a magnetic lock. Once this is done, the inner door can then be opened by using the push button.

By using the Dortronics device, Donali Systems Integration was able to mount the new door interlock controller above the entry door on the secure side and run all the wires that pertain to the doors to the NEMA enclosure.

"This configuration saved us extensive wiring and labor costs," said Joseph Marganski, Security Specialist for Donali Systems. "Basically, all the wires from the two doors run to the mantrap controller and then are labeled and landed on the Dortronics module. After the wires were run, it took about an hour to complete the job and get everything working. The Dortronics solution makes it very simple, with no guess work."

In particular, the Dortronics mantrap devices were installed in two environmental sealed interlock enclosures at Pfizer which had been recently renovated. "Highly confidential research and testing is conducted in these areas and when I called Dortronics and told them what I needed, they listened, asked questions and then proceeded to build the mantrap to our exact specifications and requirements," said Ludington. "We could not be any happier with the relationship or the product."

Ludington also notes that in addition to solving their requirement for a custom built mantrap, they were able to install the Dortronics device right out of the box. "All of the instructions were clear and easy to follow and it saved labor time in installing the product," he said. As well, Ludington adds the included schematic will help in trouble shooting any problems that may arise in the future.