IMS Research Taps Ioimage as Market Leader for Intelligent Video Devices

HERZLIYA, Israel, November 30/PRNewswire/ -- ioimage, the pioneer for intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity in installation and operation, is the market leader of intelligent video surveillance devices according to a recently published IMS research report. The report identifies ioimage as market leader with an estimated 26% of the total worldwide market for intelligent video surveillance devices.

IMS Research is an independent research company and one of the leading worldwide suppliers of market research to the electronics industry. The report, The World Market for Video Content Analysis and ANPR 2006 Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the video content analysis market with numerous statistical data including analysis by product type, end-user sector and geographic region up to 2010.

"Ioimage has been a strong advocate for video content analysis and is one of the pioneers for the introduction of device embedded video content analysis. The company has taken advantage of improved DSP technology and has been quick to release their product and gain a foot-hold in a market that is predicted to see fierce competition in the coming years," said IMS Research Analyst James McManus.

The report identifies the intelligent-video-surveillance-device market as the most rapidly growing segment within the intelligent video industry. The report projects a CAGR of over 100%, which will see this market grow to exceed an estimated US$3 billion by 2010. IMS Research projects that sales of intelligent-video-surveillance-devices will surpass those for PC-based intelligent video content analysis software by the end of next year.

"This study helps dispel the idea that intelligent video is exclusive for well-funded institutional security. As the market shows, a broader range of security programs can now experience the automation capabilities of intelligent-video-edge-devices rather than over burdening timeworn systems, such as burglar alarms, short-range motion detectors, patrols, and traditional CCTV security cameras, that weren't designed to handle today's wide-area and complex security needs," said Roni Kass, CEO and Founder of ioimage. "We took a common sense approach to robust stand-alone detection coupled with easy to use products. Our company's long-term strategy of providing simplicity, performance, and reliability in our products is a cornerstone of our ongoing success."