Keyscan introduces K-KPR card reader

Whitby, Ontario, December 19, 2007 - Keyscan Inc. today announced that it has introduced the K-KPR proximity reader/keypad. This is a dual purpose reader that supports proximity and/or PIN identification. On the proximity side, the K-KPR uses proven RFID technology and is HID (125 kHz) compatible supporting most HID 125 kHz credentials. On the keypad side, soft blue backlighting and a continuously illuminated 5 key make the keypad much more visible for night-time use. And the face plate has a tactile design with raised numerals and a 'pip' on the 5 key to assist the visually-impaired as well. With dual proximity and PIN verification, the K-KPR offers higher security for those applications that require an extra layer of protection. The K-KPR's electronics are protected in an epoxy potting so it's suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Keyscan is a privately-owned manufacturer of access control security systems, specialized communication hardware, and related software products. Designed for a wide range of access control requirements, Keyscan systems can be integrated with building maintenance, alarm monitoring, closed-circuit television, photobadge identification, and visitor management. Keyscan systems are used across a broad market spectrum for securing industrial, commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.