D.C. school rolls out Brivo system for access

OnSite SE's system flexibility and scalability meeting school's access conrol needs

As the access control management plan unfolds, SJC intends to funnel people in and out of the building through two access points in the front and back of the building. Like the athletic facility, the goal is to know who is coming and going and when. St. John's allows 24/7 access. With the previous lock and key system, when someone opened a door with a key, it generally stayed unlocked and then the building was vulnerable. With Brivo, SJC does not have to worry that the doors remain unlocked. The Brivo system also enables SJC to schedule an open time for the building as well as the ability to lock the building once everyone is inside after the official start of the day. Deliveries are buzzed in while the building is locked during these hours. As part of their emergency plan, St. John's has also installed a single-button "lock-down" for the entire facility.

As budget becomes available, SJC plans to continue to expand the Brivo system, with their attention turning to controlling internal access within buildings. For example, when the theatre group rehearses, the school envisions providing one access point and a corridor to where practice is held, with all other school areas off-limits and locked. There was one other advantage that SJC liked very much—the Brivo ACS is not limited to the Windows environment and can be operated with Macs.

System scalability and the advantage of expanding the system where and when appropriate has been a real advantage for St. John's. According to school administrators, they asked themselves this question: Is the technology going to work the way we want it to work or do we have to conform to the software or hardware? Of all the systems that were evaluated, only Brivo fit that important criterion and budget.

About St. John's College High School: St. John's College High School is a co-educational Catholic secondary school located in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington, DC. The school serves approximately 1,100 students from the Washington Metropolitan area. St. John's was founded in 1851 and is sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers.