CommVault Streamlines Legal Search and Discovery of Enterprise E-mail

New e-mail management enhancements save significant discovery time for legal teams, builds on end-user mailbox management

LONDON, UK - November 29, 2006 - CommVault, a leading provider of Unified Data Management solutions, today announced data archiving software enhancements that improve legal search and discovery of enterprise Microsoft Exchange e-mail. Building upon its proven end-user mailbox search and retrieval features, CommVault has added a new specialized discovery search capability to the Microsoft Outlook client. Now, legal or compliance teams can directly search and retrieve messages from e-mail archives, based on the content in e-mail messages, attachments, instant messages, PST files or SMTP messages, without IT assistance.

Today, e-mail is the most frequently-requested type of business record sought by courts and regulators. Research by industry analysts at the Enterprise Strategy Group indicates that an estimated 77 percent of organizations involved in an electronic data discovery request say they have been asked to produce e-mail messages. As a result, IT organizations and legal groups must collaborate on discovery processes that require the search, retrieval and production of e-mail for litigation support.

With the new Outlook Add-in feature, discovery team members can easily conduct cross-user, cross-mailbox discovery searches in an Exchange environment through an intuitive extension to the familiar Outlook client, without involving IT. An authorized user can now seamlessly access archived data retained on any storage tier - disk, tape, optical or reference archive media - from their Outlook client, and receive audit-ready reporting of discovery results.

"We use CommVault to archive the majority of our Switzerland bank's e-mail and plan to extend this implementation to meet evolving compliance needs and regulations in other countries," said RĂ©gis Espanet, system administrator, EFG Bank, Geneva. "By running a combination of CommVault's archive, backup, recovery and data migration solutions, we are protecting our data and delivering simple - but very sophisticated - search capabilities to our legal discovery teams to ensure the bank is meeting regulations governing e-mail compliance."

"By extending its already strong e-mail archive management capabilities, CommVault is addressing the need for simplified discovery of e-mail across the enterprise," said Brian Babineau, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "These new enhancements will simplify the work of legal and IT discovery teams tasked with following chain-of-custody requirements and adhering to upcoming amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure."

The new Outlook Add-in feature for discovery users is an extension of end-user mailbox management capability currently available from CommVault. This existing functionality enables end-users to mark items for mailbox archiving, recall archived items, delete items from the archive, and easily search, browse and retrieve retained items archived from their mailboxes.

"Customers who have not implemented e-mail archiving have indicated they spend between 20 and 200 staff-hours per discovery event to recover data in a searchable format. With these enhancements, we reduce data discovery turnaround times by empowering critical discovery users to directly search, retrieve and produce e-mail," said David West, vice president of marketing and business development, CommVault. "Our unified approach to data management delivers critical archive management directly to the business groups who need it most - legal and discovery teams."

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