Blogging Your Way through the Security Industry

On the Monday after Thanksgiving 2006, a press release popped up on our news desk announcing the addition of a blog on security. Blogs, the contraction of "web" and "log", are commonly used as online diaries and soapboxes. They are a place for interested minds to gather around a topic, if just for a few e-minutes, to read a blogger's thoughts and to comment back on that same topic.

The blog has become more ubiquitous in recent years. The format has moved from being one primarily used by teens and pre-teens to tell their school friends who has a crush on whom. Now the blog is being used by professionals to discuss their expertise. Small groups are using the blog format like a web-accessible listserve. Businesses are using blogs to convey corporate news and even put a face on senior leadership.

Frank DeFina, the president of Panasonic System Solutions Company (the division of Panasonic that handles security and surveillance), is among those that has joined the legions of bloggers. DeFina's blog, which ranges from emotes on technology to security policies, to even music on occasion, can be found at

According to Pansonic's marketing manager, Juliana Benedick, the idea of a blog from a president of a large manufacturing company like Panasonic is that it "provides a direct way to connect with customers" using a "straight from the gut" approach.

Indeed, the more blogs the industry has, the more information can be shared. Blogs allow us to talk about issues that we might not have discussed before, whether that's some oddball technology that, just maybe, could shape our industry, or a policy issue that deserves some attention. And the more we share ideas and insights, the better we all are at staying ahead of the curve.

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