STOPware and Galaxy Control System Partner for Integration

San Jose, CA (November 2006) – Leading the industry in developing integration capability between access control systems and visitor management systems, STOPware, a Brady company, has established a partnership with Galaxy Control Systems of Walkersville, MD, manufacturers of advanced access control systems. The interoperability of the two systems will allow users to consolidate entrance and exit activities onto a single system for improved management in a distributed environment.

"STOPware's feature rich visitor management solutions and Galaxy's intelligent access control panels complement one another and allow users to maximize the benefits of each system," said Paul Terschuren, VP Sales and Marketing, STOPware, a Brady company. "The joint offering streamlines the previously semi-manual operations of registering and badging visitors with ease of use and powerful reporting functions."

According to Rick Fournier, COO, Galaxy Control Systems, visitor management is fast becoming an integral component of access control solutions. "Many of our government clients require more sophisticated technology for recording and tracking visitors," he said. "The STOPware solution offers unprecedented performance and advanced functionality that more than satisfies this need."

Access control systems from Galaxy can also be found in educational, medical, entertainment and commercial facilities and the STOPware product portfolio, including PassagePoint Enterprise, Professional and Express software systems, is ideal for use in all of them.

In addition to the PassagePoint software, STOPware's line of modules and add-ons offer resources for many of these applications where complex integration and specific requirements exist. "It is important to have the ability to custom tailor a solution, and the STOPware line permits us that flexibility," said Fournier.

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