VidSys Creates Interoperability Partner Program

Partner program designed to help select products that will integrate into VidSys VidShield operations center platform

ALEXANDRIA, VA and MARLBOROUGH, MA -- Nov. 13, 2006 -- VidSys, the leading operations center software company for security, safety, military and transportation organizations, today launched its VidSys Interoperability Partner (VIP) program. The VIP program lets customers select products from any vendor within the program, and seamlessly integrate all of the technologies through the open architecture of the VidSys VidShieldâ„¢ operations center management software platform.

Organizations generally have specific vendor preferences when it comes to the cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), CODECS and other hardware and software technologies they choose for their physical security and video surveillance network. The VIP Program provides a common management platform and interface for partner products, enabling customers to easily manage their physical security network, regardless of the vendor they choose.

"Joining the VIP program gives our partners' products an even greater value proposition," said Rick Clarkson, director of product management at VidSys. "By providing customers truly integrated physical security and video surveillance networks, they can focus all of their resources on awareness, assessment and action instead of worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure and potential technology conflicts."

Opening The Door To The Three A's

Command centers need to stay laser-focused on the three A's -- awareness, assessment and action. However, most operations center management platforms are closed systems that require an end-to-end physical security network with products from just one technology vendor, making it a challenge to integrate newer, more innovative data sources such as digital cameras and DVRs. In addition, relying on a single vendor for all products eliminates the benefits enabled by a best-of-breed approach.

Now, VidSys lets operations centers select technology from any vendor in the VIP program, and integrates it all within its VidShield operations center management platform.

First VIPs -- Barco & Steelbox Networks

Belgium-based Barco is a leading developer of display and visualization solutions. VidSys is working with the Barco software development kits (SDKs) to control Barco video walls that are prevalent in large command centers. This control includes re-layout, re-population (source switching), event triggers and notification highlights on specific events of specific views or screens (e.g. size, border color changes, text additions, etc.).

"Many of our customers are seeking an integrated solution for the total workflow order to streamline their processes. This is important to them because with it, our customers will be able to deploy the best technologies available for the individual functions which are usually available from different manufacturers but still manage them as one seamless integrated system as if it was delivered from one supplier," said Hans Dekeyser, national sales manager, Barco. "To this end, they have specifically asked for interoperability between vendors to ensure that such a solution is possible and achievable without significant third party integration costs. Partnerships such as these will deliver just that and we look forward to the significant benefits that this collaboration with VidSys will bring to our customers in the security industry."

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