Grocer Finds Security Cameras Help Identify Scam

The CBS affiliate in Sunrise, Fla., reports that surveillance cameras helped a local grocery store avoid a slip-n-fall liability.

The story of the cameras' usage, reported by CBS4, is that a grocery store's camera system caught evidence of a woman planning and executing a slip-n-fall scam.

The store manager reportedly reviewed the CCTV footage and before the slip-n-fall incident, the manager found that the "victim" apparently intentionally poured olive oil on the floor and then left the area, only to return shortly, arrive at the same spot and apparently slip.

However, the cameras, besides showing the woman pouring the oil on the floor to set up the fall, capture the woman falling forward, as opposed to backwards. A forwards fall is not normal in slip-and-fall incidents, the storage manager told CBS4.

The store manager added that the system pays for itself when it detects these kind of scams, further indicating that surveillance cameras aren't just applicable for security, but also for business operational needs.

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