Survey: Parents concerned about school security

The results of a survey released this week show that nearly half of all parents of kindergartners to eight grade students have security concerns regarding their children’s’ schools.

The "ADT National Back-to-School Security Survey," which was conducted by Zogby, found that of the 1,948 parents who took part in the survey, nearly half of them worried that their children could be targeted by a sexual predator while at school, while more than a third of parents believed their child could be abducted by a stranger.

Nearly 60 percent of parents in the survey said that they would be "very" to "somewhat" willing to shell out money for increased security measures at their child’s school.

In a prepared statement, Patrick Fiel, ADT’s public security advisor, said that the results of the survey clearly prove that parents want local school officials to do more to protect their children and added that there needs to be "cooperation" between adults and children, as well as "proper planning" to help ensure safety at schools nationwide.