American Fibertek product praised in new book

A new book written by one of the security industry's top experts makes a strong recommendation for products from American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI), a leading IP transmission solutions provider and manufacturer. In the "Technician’s Guide to Physical Security Networking: Enterprise Solutions", author David Engebretson takes a practical, straightforward approach to teaching readers about the programming, installation, and functioning of IP-addressed electronic security devices. By first providing complete explanations of IP addressing, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, internet connections, and how networks operate, his book then delves into how these technologies can be used for electronic security device applications.

"With demand for networked surveillance systems growing quickly, it is more important than ever for security management professionals to have a comprehensive knowledge base," said Neil Heller, Director of New Business Development, American Fibertek. "David's book gives a complete and detailed overview of the subject. It's a must-read for industry professionals."

In "Technician’s Guide to Physical Security Networking: Enterprise Solutions", Engebretson discusses the advantages of AFI's Commander switch, with particular detail regarding the environmental supervisory aspects of Commander. A component of V’nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution), Commander is an environmentally hardened IP communications center wrapped around a 10-port network switch that offers environmental monitoring, bi-directional RS232/485 communications, self-monitoring, pop-up alerts, alarm notifications, logging, polling and network management with interactive searches. In addition, Commander alerts users when video bandwidth drops so they can monitor and preserve the integrity of their video signals.

Commander's performance features include: alarm inputs, auxiliary outputs, edge RS 232 and RS 485 communications; protection from environmental conditions; a built-in server that does not require any client software, Active X component, custom programming or interfaces; compatibility with most web browsers and operating systems including Linux and Apple; reliable solid state memory capacity from 53 days to 3.5 years; individual set ups for IT and security administrators; automatic email notification of IP addresses; unique Portflow to monitor bandwidth and image refresh rate; cascading Ports; drop and insert configurations for building large system and network access from any location; and the programming of separate VLANs for recording and viewing available bandwidth. In addition, Commander is expandable with up to four environmental sensing probes, including new power probes with the ability to read voltage, frequency and power, with warning and alarm settings.

With 29 years of experience in the electronic security industry, Mr. Engebretson is president of Slayton Solutions Ltd., the industry leader in network and fiber optic training for the security and communication industries. In addition he is the Contributing Technology Writer for the Security Distributing and Marketing magazine. Certified by the Fiber Optic Association, Mr. Engebretson has trained hundreds of industry personnel in networking and fiber optic technologies.

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