Forney to Display CO Detector for Coal Environments

ORLANDO, FL, Nov. 28, 2006 — Forney Corporation will showcase its carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and coal pre-ignition detection technologies in a keynote presentation, titled “Fuel and Ash Handling System Enhancements”, at the PowerGen Conference this week. Forney, a leader in power plant and large industrial systems for more than 75 years, is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

Richard Hovan, marketing manager for environmental products at Forney, said “Many coal-fired industrial applications are making a shift to powder river basin coal (PRB), which has significantly reduced emissions compared to previously-used coal sources which are high in SO2. However, while PRB has lower emissions properties, it is more volatile than traditional coal sources, increasing the threat of self-combustion. Forney is piloting a Coal Pre-Ignition Detection System (CPDS) that can manage the unique requirements of PRB and plans to launch the new system in early 2007.”

A key feature of the CPDS is its ability to continuously monitor for CO for early warning of potential fires during coal processing, transportation and storage. Unlike most systems, the CPDS constantly samples the milling process, with one analyzer capable of detecting CO from up to eight different monitoring points.

Should the CPDS detect high levels of CO, it sends a high CO alarm to a control room so appropriate action can be taken by the operator.

Another feature of the CPDS is the recharging ability of its CO sensors known as cell conditioning. Each monitoring point has dual cells so that while one is monitoring the other is recharging. This enables longer cell life and ensures that cells are at optimal operating levels.

The CPDS is designed for a number of locations where coal is handled such as: pulverizers, storage areas, raw coal bunkers, utilization bins or hoppers, dust filters, conveyors, and transfer tunnels.

Hoven’s address will take place Nov. 29 at 1:30pm at the Orange County Convention Center where the PowerGen Conference is underway. In addition to the presentation, Forney will also display the CPDS at the company’s booth (#1619) throughout the show.