Linksys launches two new surveillance cameras

New options add to growing portfolio of security products for small businesses

IRVINE, Calif., – Dec. 10, 2007 – Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc., and the recognized leading global manufacturer of voice, wireless, and networking hardware for home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and the small business user, today announced the Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio (WVC2300). This latest surveillance product combined with the recently released Business Internet Video Camera with Audio and PoE (PVC2300), adds to Linksys focus toward offering feature-rich products for small business owners and the channels that cater to them.

"We are expanding every aspect of our small business product portfolio and providing specific, purpose-built products to customers," said Marty Wachi, director of product marketing, Linksys Connected Office Business Organization. "The latest surveillance products have also been developed with the small business owner in mind. Regardless of their network architecture we have an option that could easily integrate giving them what they want most in a camera – a reliable solution giving them peace-of-mind."

Connectivity Options for Complete Surveillance

Both the PVC2300 and WVC2300 surveillance cameras are packed with features all in a standard box-type camera design that also combines flexible mounting options. The PVC2300 is the ideal option for networks utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity, by drawing power from a PoE Switch or power injector via Ethernet cabling. The WVC2300 is ideal for campuses or installations utilizing a secure wireless network, and only requires power from a standard AC-power outlet.

Both cameras employ removable CS-mount lenses, customizable for zoom or wide-angle imaging, vari-focal, auto-iris or other types of lenses for specific applications or settings. The camera can also be mounted on any industry standard Pan-Tilt (PT) base and can be remotely controlled remotely through a Web interface that is password protected and accessible from any Internet connection.

Linksys maximized the design of the cameras by including multiple features expanding the uses for the device. The cameras come with two input and two output ports that could be used to connect the camera to an alarm panel, siren, Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensors, smoke detectors, lighting switch, door sensors, or other detectors. The camera also offers motion detection functionality, capable of sending event notifications, updates and video via email (up to three email addresses) to notebooks or smart phones.

The PVC2300 and WVC2300 rely on a progressive scan charge-couple device (CCD) sensor for delivering high quality video images. The CCD sensor has low-light sensitivity, offering image capture in low light environments or "near dark" time of the day. Additionally, the camera incorporates an IR Cut Filter which, when used with a separate infra-red lamp, allows video capture in total darkness.

The cameras support multiple compression formats simultaneous use of MPEG-4, with good quality compression for real-time video, and MJPEG formats, with less compression ideal for transporting larger data volumes to a NAS device. With extensive feature support, like IP Multicast, RTSP, RTP, and 3GPP, video images can be accessed from multiple endpoints and client applications like 3G phones, PCs or WiFi phones. The cameras' audio capabilities include 2-way Audio, embedded Microphone, external speaker and microphone ports, and voice compression.

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