Datacard Group launches topcoat module for card issuance systems

Datacard Group today announced the introduction of the basic topcoat module for the Datacard MX6000 and MX2000 card issuance systems. This new module provides card issuers the flexibility to create unique card protection to meet the requirements of their card program.

"Card issuers are continuing to look for new ways to extend card life, protect printed images and add new levels of security," said Katherine Boosalis, director of product marketing for Datacard Group. "We are excited to provide them with yet another option to consider for their unique card programs."

The basic topcoat module applies a layer of clear or holographic topcoat over the entire surface of the card. A variety of topcoat application roller options are available for full or partial height applications. Basic topcoat material can be embossed and can be applied in combination with other Datacard protective topcoats and laminates. This module is designed to work exclusively with Datacard Certified Supplies featuring Intelligent Supplies Technology to enable supply use monitoring and module optimization.

"Datacard Group is committed to providing a wide variety of security and durability solutions to meet the needs of our customers," said Sebastien Tormos, vice president of marketing for Datacard Group. "The new basic topcoat module complements Datacard Group’s extensive line of security and durability solutions."

Like all other system modules, the basic topcoat module is designed for high reliability, ease of use and operational flexibility.