Smarter Security Systems Announces New DVR for Remote Sites

Austin, TX November 2006 -- Smarter Security Systems, Ltd. is proud to announce the introduction of SmarterDVRâ„¢, a unique line of Digital Video Recorders ranging from a basic surveillance package to outdoor systems for covert and remote video applications. SmarterDVR is not only temperature hardened and weather-proof, but also consumes little power, which is important in remote locations. The DVR is available in two configurations that are designed to blend in with the environment so as to avoid detection by intruders. SmarterDVR 200 is a weather-proof pole-mounted version that looks like an electrical junction box, while SmarterDVR 300 is a small waterproof "keg" container that can be buried underground or submerged in water.

SmarterDVR is able to support four analog or IP cameras, and includes a 100GB hard drive for video recording. The unit supports scheduled, event-based, continuous, and motion-based recording with adjustable frame rates per camera. With internet connectivity, the DVR can send an email notification with a JPEG snapshot when motion by an intruder is detected. Remote viewing and video playback over a cellular data network is also available via a cellular CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) modem that works with Sprint or Verizon cellular service.

Mark Ellsworth, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Smarter Security, describes how the covert DVR system would be used by an energy company with gas producing wells that are being randomly vandalized. "The company needs to identify and possibly catch the vandals, but recognizes that the surveillance must be discreet so vandals don't know they're being recorded", says Ellsworth. "The covert SmarterDVR was developed just for this kind of situation. The solution can be found in either the SmarterDVR 300, which can be buried underground, or the pole-mounted SmarterDVR 200, which looks just like an electrical junction box. If Verizon or Sprint service is available, the energy company may also opt for remote viewing and remote video playback via cell modem or the internet".

The SmarterDVR is also particularly unique because of its low power consumption. The product was designed to be powered by a solar solution, thermal electric generator, or standard AC or DC power source. A Wiring Junction Box in the SmarterDVR 300 serves as the hook up location for all possible external DVR components such as: the DVR power cord, the optional cellular modem or 900 MHz wireless radio receiver, the port for laptop connection to the DVR, and the physical connection to the DVR for the four cameras it can support.