Siemens Joins Industry Leaders in Interop Vendor Alliance

November 21, 2006 — Siemens Communications Inc., announced today that it has joined the Interop Vendor Alliance, an industry-wide group committed to interoperability for its customers and vendors.

The Alliance was established to connect people, data, and diverse systems through improved interoperability with Microsoft systems. Among Siemens Communications' contributions to the Alliance is its work to enable enhanced user authentication solutions based on the company's interoperable smart card technologies.

"Microsoft is pleased that Siemens Communications has joined with other industry leaders in the Interop Vendor Alliance," said Sam Rosenbalm, business development manager, developer and platform evangelism group, Microsoft. "Member companies such as Siemens Communications are working collaboratively to ensure better interoperability across the industry for both customers and vendors."

"Siemens Communications' involvement in the Interop Vendor Alliance demonstrates our ongoing commitment to open standards and interoperability," said Chris Meaney, vice president of Siemens Secure Networks. "As a key component of our LifeWorks vision for Open Unified Communications, our smart card technologies help meet the growing need for security and strong user authentication as more applications share the enterprise network infrastructure in increasingly interoperable environments."

Siemens delivers Open Unified Communications through LifeWorks, its award-winning strategic vision. LifeWorks addresses today's fragmented communications landscape by providing a uniform user experience based on secure open standards. By integrating communications across multiple protocols, networks, and devices, LifeWorks creates a unified domain which enables seamless collaboration and access to people and critical information, irrespective of geographical location and or current device availability.

Siemens' smart card-enabled solutions are designed to ensure confidentiality, integrity, reliability, and availability of data and information. Organizations that need to combine physical and logical security on a single smart card benefit from Siemens' extensive building security history and many successful multi-function smart card deployments. Siemens' HiPath SIcurity solutions and global services minimize IT security risks and help protect organizations from unauthorized access, manipulation, and identity fraud.

Formed in 2006, the Interop Vendor Alliance is an industrywide group working to identify and share opportunities to better connect people, data and diverse systems through better interoperability with Microsoft systems and to jointly market interoperability solutions of its members. Founding members include AMD, BEA Systems, Business Objects, CA, The Carbon Project, Centeris, Citrix Systems, GXS, IP Commerce, JNBridge, Kernel Networks, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Microsoft, NEC, Network Appliance, Novell, Q4bis, Quest Software, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Software AG, SugarCRM, Sun Microsystems, Symphony Services, Xcalia, and XenSource. Additional information about the Interop Vendor Alliance can be found on its Web site at