Novation’s Wireless Door Controller Reduces Installation Costs

Westlake Village, CA, July 18th, 2007 – Novation Wireless Security Systems, LLC., recently launched it’s nSeries family of wireless access control products. In addition to the Battery Powered wireless locksets and the wireless Input and Output controllers, the nSeries system includes a Wireless Single Door Controller (nPort-R1) which provides a wireless solution for both new and retrofit applications.

The nPort-R1 is used to connect primary door hardware components and REX devices to an access system via WIRELESS communication. The nPort-R1 eliminates the labor typically required running cable from every door back to a common hub. The nPort-R1 is detected by a Wireless Access Hub, making installation extremely simple. Local power is required for the industry standard lock and card reader, but the communications back to the computer is accomplished via advanced 900 MHz triple encrypted Spread Spectrum RF.

Novation’s Wireless nPort-R1 supports industry standard Wiegand card readers and card formats up to 64 bits. The unit communicates to the Security Network Software via a Hub at a maximum range of 300 feet indoors and line-of-site up to 1,500 feet.

Each nPort-R1 contains its own complete database for immediate local decision-making and can store up to 10,000 cardholders and 20,000 transactions.

Novation CEO and President Joe Maskrey stated, “Our Wireless nPort-R1 provides a wireless solution for retrofit and hard to wire doors. The nPort-R1 is the perfect solution for Glass Entry doors and doors with Magnetic Locks found at the entry of most buildings and office suites.” “Novation’s nSeries System offers a wireless solution for every access control application”, added Maskrey.

For more information about Novation, please call (805) 494-3070 or fax (805) 494-3170. If you would like to contact Jay Wahl directly dial (310) 877-2825. Novation Wireless Security Systems, Inc. provides technology which drastically reduces installation cost without sacrificing security. For information about Novation’s nSeries family of products, please visit the web site at