Continental's CardAccess 3000 offers dynamic mapping

Continental Access, a division of Napco Security Group and a leader in access control has recently released its new version of CardAccess 3000 software which provides the integration necessary to bring all of your security subsystems together into one easy to use graphical interface. New features and innovations coming to CardAccess 3000 in 2008 include our new user-friendly dynamic maps. Our dynamic map capabilities have been expanded for additional interactivity and integration.

Our new enhanced dynamic map adds essential interactivity and integration features to already powerful CardAccess 3000. New to our dynamic maps are the choices we provide you when viewing your CA3000 system. View your system from Events Grids or from our map view. From the map view, you can see high priority alerts as text and acknowledge those alerts as you would from the CA3000 grid controls. Devices in the CA3000 system can be seen and checked from the dynamic map for status, such as doors status, system relays, readers and input status. Additional right-click functions are now available on all devices for operations like manual control of doors and relay devices.

The new Dynamic Maps are also integrated with all CA3000 supported DVRs. You can view live video from any camera on the map or replay recorded video. If you so choose, the map can be configured to automatically display high priority system alerts and the associated video in a window beside the displayed map. With a click of the mouse, CA 3000's built-in dynamic map editing functions can modify the placement of devices within the map graphics.

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