Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco releases DVR5100 Version 1.5

Pelco introduces new functionality in the digital video recording world with the DVR5100 Version 1.5 Hybrid Video Recorder. With the latest free software upgrade customers will enjoy many new features; particularly high-performance and real-time recording on an embedded, hybrid DVR. New efficient configuration, intuitive operation, and cutting edge storage and optimization technology, combined with new systemization options now provides enterprise value in a mainstream DVR.

With the DVR5100 Version 1.5 supporting both analog and IP cameras, customers preserve previous investments while paving the way to IP recording. And DVR5100 Version 1.5 hybrid recording offers a choice of three configuration paths to support every customer in their specific IP migration strategy. Capable of recording up to 20 cameras at a combined 600/500 images per second (NTSC/PAL) at 4CIF resolution, the DVR comes with a choice of four, eight, or 16 analog camera inputs, and four, 12, or 16 IP camera inputs, respectively. The addition of hybrid recording capabilities now supports Pelco IP cameras, including the recently released Spectra IV IP and the new Spectra Mini IP.

Being Endura Enabled, the DVR5100 Version 1.5 becomes an integral member of a fully distributed virtual matrix. This allows for centralized monitoring and management in a scalable and expandable IP surveillance system while providing local record, view and control capabilities. The Endura Enabled configuration utility, only available to Endura Certified Partners means unsurpassed expansion for Pelco customers.

"The new DVR5100 Version 1.5 will be key for our customers, especially with the hybrid features and the new interface," says David Lascano, Sales Manager for California-based integrator Alta Pacific. "The two expansion options of Endura Enabled and Server-to-Server let us bring a cost-effective solution to municipalities and multiple DVR environments."

Additionally, the DVR5100 Version 1.5 has been redesigned for more efficient administration and configuration and intuitive operation through streamlined menus and added USB keyboard and mouse functionality.