Hirsch Announces Velocity 3.0 Security Management System

SANTA ANA, CA — Hirsch Electronics today announced the general availability of Velocity version 3.0, the newest version of their five-time award-winning security management system.

Velocity 3.0 enhances its existing capabilities for access control, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, badging, smart cards, and biometrics. Velocity 3.0 also introduces new and improved features for added security, enterprise and IT network implementation, and system configuration and management. The list of new or enhanced features includes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), partitioning of database and devices, advanced alarm/event routing and escalation, operator roles, split servers, support of the newest operating systems and databases, interfaces for additional DVRs and central station receivers, additional encryption, quick hardware typology set-up, device-level customization, person templates, multi-credential editing, quick-search functions, ID scanner support for person enrollment, enrollment of FIPS 201-compliant cards, and more.

Velocity is designed to tightly integrate with HR and network provisioning systems, allowing it to serve as the physical security component of an overall policy-based security management system. The resulting solution enhances security, improves operational efficiency, and reduces administrative and compliance costs.

"Velocity 3.0 delivers an open-architecture, easy-to-use security management system that can seamlessly scale from a few doors to an entire enterprise," commented Rob Zivney, Hirsch VP of Marketing. "It is on the leading edge of next generation IT-centric solutions for physical access control and identity management."

For more information on Velocity 3.0, please visit: www.hirschelectronics.com/Products_Velocity_3-0.asp.