Putting Surveillance in Remote, Outdoor Locations

New technology allows battery-powered surveillance in harsh environments

New Technology Helping to Enable Remote Outdoor Surveillance

Flash memory: This is the same type of memory you probably have in your digital camera. It saves pictures or video clips on a chip that is the size of a thumbnail, and can be removed from the device quickly. Best of all, there are no moving parts.

Better batteries: New battery technology like NiMH or Lithium Ion may be a benefit to remote systems. Both battery types are rechargeable hundreds (even thousands) of times and can provide a good deal of power.

Infrared LEDs on Cameras: Infrared-light-producing LEDs have dropped in price and are low on power consumption and not particularly affected by the weather, making them ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications

Solar panels: These panels are becoming more and more common in outdoor environments, especially as the prices drop and the panel quality increases.