IBM Introduces Advanced Digital Video Surveillance Service

IBM researchers and security experts team to enable real-time decision making in digital video security

ARMONK, NY -- IBM, the leading provider of global security services, today introduced a service product that contains the industry's most advanced digital surveillance technology, code-named "S3." IBM's new Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) service product leverages IBM hardware, software, research and services to enable real-time access to critical security information, providing businesses the ability to detect patterns or search for particular attributes and alert authorities of any suspicious or anomalous behavior in real time.

Available through IBM Global Technology Services, the Digital Video Surveillance service product represents the latest step in IBM's strategy to deliver traditional labor-based technology services in a manner more similar to the delivery of technology products.

At the core of IBM's DVS service product is a first-of-a-kind security technology created by IBM Research, known as the Smart Surveillance System (S3). S3 provides the unique capability to carry out efficient data analysis of video sequences either in real time or from recordings. Based on open standard middleware, the S3 platform allows for the monitoring and analysis of real-world events via multiple sensors, including video cameras, radar, chemical sensors or audio inputs. The S3 platform can also integrate technologies from multiple vendors.

S3 provides a number of advantages over traditional video surveillance systems, including:

-- Real-time alarms anticipate incidents by identifying suspicious behaviors

-- Forensic capabilities are enhanced by utilizing unique indexing and attribute-based search of video events to classify objects into categories such as people and cars

-- Situational awareness of the location, identity and activity of objects in a monitored space including license plate recognition and face capture

Additionally, S3 is the only platform which embeds in its design multiple ways of preserving the privacy of people in the monitored space. The DVS service product helps clients view, monitor and digitally record activity while archiving over an IP network. DVS can leverage a client's existing technology investments to help reduce implementation costs and improve operational efficiency through better management of the video infrastructure. DVS can also accelerate the transition from analog to digital technology.

IBM also provides an unparalleled portfolio of services to assist companies in implementing their DVS solutions. Depending on a company's needs, IBM can perform an initial security and vulnerability assessment, assist in designing the digital video surveillance solution, integrate the solution with existing IT infrastructure, help procure the necessary systems, provide solution support and arrange for long-term maintenance.

This advanced surveillance technology can be adapted to the needs of virtually any industry dealing with security challenges such as financial institutions, commercial transportation organizations and industrial companies.

The retail industry estimates nearly $50 billion is lost annually to fraud, theft and administrative errors. IBM extends and integrates the DVS service product into a broader portfolio of offerings called the IBM Retail Loss Prevention solution which connects surveillance video with Point of Sale systems, inventory, customer and employee data. This integration gives retailers the ability to dynamically search and analyze store activity, view and record live action, quickly recall previous recordings, query events, and trigger alerts to loss prevention staff when anomalies are detected. Retailers also can leverage DVS technology to understand the effectiveness of store design and in-store promotions.

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