IBM Introduces Advanced Digital Video Surveillance Service

IBM researchers and security experts team to enable real-time decision making in digital video security

Video surveillance technology has helped clients protect their businesses for years, but most companies' existing systems are limited in many ways including: post-event search capabilities, image quality, cost to maintain and difficulty in expanding systems.

IBM Digital Video Surveillance provides an integrated video surveillance and security solution that can include components such as cameras, digital video recorders, servers, storage systems, software and network devices. For example, IBM Digital Video Surveillance leverages industry standard platforms, such as IBM BladeCenter, System x servers, System Storage and enterprise-wide networks to enable wider access to video, real-time video analytics and implementation of an enterprise video system. In addition, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager automates data backup and restore functions, supports a broad range of platforms and storage devices, and centralizes storage management operations.

"There is a profound shift occurring in the digital video surveillance market, from analog and digital video recording systems to true networked DVS," said Julie Donahue, IBM vice president, Security and Privacy Services. "IBM will be a key catalyst in enabling this evolution, through our core competencies in systems integration, services, hardware, software and research. IBM is committed to working with key business partners to create innovative solutions for companies."

This new DVS service product complements IBM's existing portfolio of open standard, IP-based video surveillance systems and solutions. Over the past few years, IBM has worked out collaborative arrangements with many technology partners to provide leading-edge solutions to clients that can enhance physical security and reduce operational costs through the use of information technology, IP networks and advanced digital technologies.

IBM's Digital Video Surveillance service product is currently available. The advanced analytics enabled by S3 are scheduled to be available worldwide starting in the first quarter of 2007.