S3 and Blue Bird Introduce Secured School Bus Technology

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 8 -- Satellite Security Systems (S3), a wholly owned subsidiary of Satellite Security Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: SSCY) , and Blue Bird Corporation demonstrated the GPS and sensor-enabled SecureBus feature of GlobalGuard for the Blue Bird distributors at the 32nd Annual National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Conference and Trade Show.

The Blue Bird SecureBus feature is a first of its kind for the school bus market; building on 80 years of innovation and quality products for the school transportation market. The SecureBus feature maximizes peace of mind for school officials by leveraging cutting edge technology with specialized 24/7 services.

By combining the GlobalGuard GPS, and wireless communication solution with sensors integrated throughout the bus, the SecureBus is monitored in real-time by S3's 24-hour, 7-day-a-week monitoring center in San Diego, CA. Tom King, Vice-President of Sales for S3 explains, "School transportation has so many moving parts that it is virtually impossible for administrators to feel they have control of their fleet once the buses leave the terminal. By integrating S3's technology with the premier bus manufacturer, schools are armed with the tools needed to gain control of their fleet while ensuring safety and security."

GlobalGuard and the SecureBus feature provide continual surveillance and communication with the bus as well as an emergency button directly linking to the 24/7 Monitoring Center. GlobalGuard also provides school districts with real-time bus data including location and onboard activity (i.e. door opening/closing for student loading) along with speed thresholds, status within a route and most importantly, a way for the driver to send emergency notices to law enforcement through the monitoring center.

"By knowing where the bus is, what it is doing, and what it has done at any point in time, the Blue Bird solution provides schools with continual accountability of their entire fleet," said Jim Moberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Blue Bird. "Safety is the top priority for anyone involved in the transportation of children. This technology, combined with our buses, helps schools increase security across the board. More than the ability to press an emergency button; optimal security translates to accountability for each and every part of the day -- from the moment a bus leaves the terminal until it returns."

The SecureBus feature provides schools with more than just an emergency solution. Through the data collected from the bus and the ability to locate a bus in a matter of seconds, schools are able to monitor and schedule maintenance, better manage routes, and produce many other customized reports that districts may be required to maintain.

Blue Bird and S3 demonstrated the integrated SecureBus feature at the NAPT Conference and Trade Show held November 5 - 9th in Kansas City, MO.