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Pelco Releases DX8100 DVR

Clovis, CA - The Pelco tradition of outstanding performance in digital video recording continues with the release of its new DX8100 Digital Video Recorder. Designed for users who demand a DVR that is both innovative and easy to operate, DX8100 delivers high-quality images and immense storage capacity at a competitive price.

The DX8100 Series delivers the same superior video clarity, high-performance search capabilities and unrivaled reliability that users have come to expect while adding increased functionality and adaptability. It is completely inter-operable with the existing DX8000 and also features a new optional 16-channel expansion module for enhanced flexibility and lowered cost - making it easy and cost-effective to add cameras as security needs grow.

"Our sales channel is excited about the new opportunities that come along with the expanded capacity and feature set of the DX8100," says Yvonne Schwemmer, Product Sales Manager for the popular DVR. "We have a loyal customer base and news is spreading fast that they can now do even more with a product they are already familiar with and for which they have a high trust factor."

The DX8100 far surpasses any competitive digital video recorder in the mainstream video security marketplace, and continues to deliver the superior video clarity, high-performance search capabilities and unrivaled reliability security professionals have come to expect. Exceptional image quality, faster recording at 2CIF and 4CIF mode, expanded internal storage capacity up to 3 Terabytes (TB), and server-to-server connectivity with control, allows users to meet the most demanding video security recording requirements.

This new DVR comes with a number of added features that improve network capabilities such as a Gigabit Ethernet port and improved bandwidth throttling capabilities. It continues to provide unique server-to-server capabilities, permitting multiple connection options - and many more features - including multi-event recording and online help, as well as ATM/POS, third-party dome and traditional Pelco KBD-300A keyboard support.