Vumii forms strategic partnership with Infotech

Vumii, a developer of highly engineered yet easy to use long-range, day/night surveillance camera systems, today announced a partnership with InfoTech, a Tokyo-based distributor that provides advanced physical security solutions to the Japanese market.

InfoTech, under the terms of the agreement, will offer Vumii’s complete line of Discoverii day/night camera systems designed for unsurpassed image clarity and magnification capabilities for perimeter and border surveillance applications. The distributor has a lengthy and successful track record of supplying the most advanced security products for challenging environments, including Japanese seaports, airports and critical infrastructure.

"To serve our most demanding clients, we search the globe for unique security technologies," said InfoTech CEO Takanori Nogami. "Discoverii’s patent-protected technology gives our customers safe and accurate threat assessment capabilities for effectively securing expansive, outdoor areas. InfoTech is pleased to have Vumii’s long-range surveillance systems among our technology offerings."

Vumii’s innovative long-range, night surveillance camera systems represent a revolution in night vision capabilities, offering unique natural contrast image and continuous zoom, high magnification optics in zero light, situational awareness in complete darkness, and full color in daytime conditions. Already used to secure US-based nuclear facilities, Discoverii is also deployed at multiple Japanese nuclear power sites. To meet the critical needs of these locations, InfoTech used Vumii’s software development kit (SDK) to design software which integrated Discoverii with the existing security platform.

"Critical infrastructure located on a perimeter or waterfront has extraordinary security challenges and demands not only high-performance solutions, but expert consultation," said Vumii CEO Randall Foster. "InfoTech brings the technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of the security market required to help its customers successfully deploy innovative solutions in demanding environments. We are excited about working with InfoTech and look forward to serving other industries in Japan through this partnership."

InfoTech plans to introduce Discoverii to other Japanese nuclear sites, airports, seaports and border patrol areas. With its ability to clearly recognize targets at distances of up to 3,000 meters (~10,000 feet) with covert illumination and natural contrast, high resolution imagery to achieve full threat assessment capability utilizing up to 60x continuous optical zoom and high precision pan-tilt positioning, Discoverii is well-suited to provide advanced security capabilities to a range of industries.