AES-IntelliNet Promotes Hannet Watts

AES-IntelliNet is pleased to announce the promotion of Hannet Watts to the position of AES Regional Sales Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. In her new managerial capacity, Hannet will be responsible for the growth of AES-IntelliNet's long-range mesh radio communications business in the region which includes the strong support commitment for the existing AES customer base.

Watts began working part time for AES Corporation in 1996 as a Spanish translator until 1997 when she was brought onboard full time to serve as assistant to the general manager of international sales. In this capacity, she travelled to tradeshows and went on sales calls to provide oral translations during sales meetings and was very instrumental in opening up sales opportunities for AES-IntelliNet in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Mexico. In 2004, Watts became the Latin American inside sales representative and in 2007, expanded her role to provide inside sales support for the rest of the AES worldwide sales activities excluding North America.

In addition to promoting AES-IntelliNet's most popular mesh radio products for the security alarm communications business to the leading alarm monitoring companies in the region, Watts is looking forward to expand on the quickly rising popularity of the AES IntelliGuard (for Home Arrest usage) products throughout the region. "I'm very excited to have the opportunity to move forward professionally and to grow the company. I believe I bring a unique insight to the market and a fresh outlook because I understand the market, our customer's needs and how AES can satisfy those needs for the benefit of our customers," said Watts.

Watts also has a very clear direction and vision on what she will bring to the position. "My focus will be on letting my market know that the AES-IntelliNet's unique long-range mesh radio alarm communications system does not need GSM, cellular or even telephone back-up systems and can be used as the primary alarm communications system with built-in back-up. I will let them know that unlike GSM, cellular and telephone based communications systems, they can own and control their alarm monitoring business from monitoring, to end-to-end communications and will no longer have to pay recurring fees to telephone and cellular telephone companies or depend on those other unreliable services," said Watts.

The AES-IntelliNet's MultiNet alarm communications system is a self healing, long-range wireless mesh radio communication network and works in conjunction with the Internet to provide customers the ability to monitor alarms in multiple regions from one location, without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. The AES-MultiNet mesh network also offers a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions, radio jamming, and recurring monthly costs.

Mark Brandstein, COO for AES Corporation is very happy that Watts accepted the position and decided to step up to the challenge. According to Brandstein, "We are very pleased to be able to promote Hannet. She is the best person for the job; it's that simple. No one would be able to hit the ground running like her. She knows the market, she knows and believes in AES-IntelliNet products and she has the respect of our customers for her knowledge and commitment to supporting them. Not only do our customers know her and love her, but they trust her. She has worked hard and has been an integral part of developing sales throughout the region. She deserves this recognition."