Brady People ID introduces TEMPbadge solution packs

Burlington, MA (December 2007) -- Brady People ID, the leading supplier of people identification solutions, has made the task of ordering and implementing a visitor management badging system easier than ever with the introduction of TEMPbadge Solution Packs. These pre-packaged kits, available for business/government and K-12 school applications, contain all of the components necessary to implement a complete visitor management program.

"The TEMPbadge Solution Pack concept was created to provide our customers with a positive experience when ordering and implementing a badging system," said Lee Porter, TEMPbadge Product Manager. "In content and method, the new pre-packaged kits offer unmatched value and deliver a badging solution that is nothing short of visitor management in a box."

Solution packs are available in both manual (badges written by hand) and printable (badges completed using a direct thermal printer) versions for both office and school environments. Each kit is housed in a rugged storage box that neatly holds all components in easy-to-access compartments. Also available are custom solution packs that can be configured with different stock products, quantities or custom printed versions. A direct thermal printer can be added to any of the printable solution packs.

The wide range of products available for the solution packs include reusable clear plastic card clips, expiring badges (front parts), expiring back parts with bars, reusable badge holders, lanyards and a visitor log book.

TEMPbadge has developed coating and printing technology to create materials that reveal a message, color or design after a specified time period. Specifically, a chemical reaction causes the badge to be visibly altered by the appearance of slanted red lines to indicate the void status of the badge. A range of TEMPbadges is available with expiration times of hours, one day, one week or one month. A selection of pre-printed badge designs is available for visitors, temporary employees, contractors and vendors, as well as school visitors, substitute teachers, volunteers and students.