Analysts release yet another report on security convergence

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of “Convergence of Physical Security with IP in the European Markets” to their offering.

Rising Security Concerns and Concept of Multi-Layered Security Promotes Convergence of IP with Physical Security

The European security market is witnessing rapid technological changes, particularly in the IP surveillance domain. "Open communication protocols, networks and faster computers have led to the diversification of IP networks to newer areas of the organisation," states the analyst of this research. "As a result, interoperability is being extended to other applications such as security." The heightened need for higher levels of security is pushing organisations to follow a multi-layered security approach to secure their building and resources. This need has promoted the convergence of physical security with IP, resulting not only in technology convergence, but organisational and skill convergence as well. The market is currently witnessing a major technology transition with the rapid adoption of network-enabled solutions supporting the expansion of integrated security solutions.

As technology advances in the security industry from analogue to digital to IP, vendors and customers are reviewing opportunities to secure facilities more comprehensively through multi-layered technology instead of isolated security products. Corporate security services such as video surveillance, access control and fraud detection are increasingly database-driven and network-delivered, leading to IP becoming ever-more tightly tied in with physical security.

Customers Looking for Integrated Security Solutions

The need for one-stop solutions and the numerous benefits associated with integrated solutions are the major factors driving growth in this market. Customers are looking for seamless convergence of multiple security technologies packaged into a single solution to address their security needs. With convergence being the defining trend in the security industry, system providers are developing products with enterprise-wide integration in mind. Increasing numbers of end users are integrating video surveillance and access control with specialist software, enabling system components to communicate seamlessly.

High prices and the need for open platforms remain major challenges confronting integrated security solution providers. Low end-user awareness about the benefits of integrating disparate security solutions also remains an issue. "The convergence of physical security with IP involves a complex amalgamation of security and networking technology," comments the analyst. "In this context, superior customer service and technical support will be crucial to gaining a competitive advantage in the market." Educating end users and distribution partners and making them aware about the considerable benefits and return on investment to be accrued from integrated solutions should be the key focus for industry participants.