IDTeck LX007 offers fingerprint recognition, PINs, card access

IDTECK's LX007, Fingerprint Recognition Standalone Controller, is now available in the market. IDTECK, a leading manufacturer of RFID and biometrics products, developed LX Series early this year, and since then, the company has completed a successful test of the series.

To maximize customers' convenience, the LX007 has various features including:

- graphic LCD & multi-language support,
- various operating modes selectable on a per-user basis,
- user-programmable voice messages,
- registration of up to 10 fingerprint master IDs,
- a serial printer port for event ticket issuing, and
- option of using 2 fingerprints per user.

At the same time, to achieve higher security, the LX007 provides powerful security features such as anti-passback, duress alarm, and arm/disarm functions.

In addition, different Door Open Time settings can be applied to certain users who require a longer access time, which, according to IDTECK, will make it much easier for those with disabilities and senior citizens to access the secured area without the extreme inconvenience that they previously experienced with most of the existing access control systems.

The LX007 provides various choices of access mode in a combination of fingerprint, proximity card (125Khz), Smart Card (13.56Mhz) and/or PIN, providing users with the freedom to select the most suitable access mode for their application. This powerful access controller is capable of storing up to 4,000 fingerprint users and a total of 30,000 users and event transactions. Also, the support of various communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, and TCP/IP allows users to easily design the system they want. It can help users to choose solutions with wide ranges of purposes from simple T/A management to the areas need high security level.

It will be perfectly matched with the STARWATCH TIME PRO for professional T/A management and LX ACCESS PRO II for Access Control.

With luxurious design, maximized security and convenience, the LX007 is expected to further improve the company's performance in the security market in 2008

Compatible Software:
-STARWATCH TIME PRO for professional T/A Management
-LX ACCESS PRO II for Access control