Italian port installs Milestone software

Software contains license plate recognition to help manage traffic at busy port

Integrated License Plate Recognition and Interconnected Command Centers To speed up operations at the customs block, without sacrificing the high levels of security, license plate recognition has been set up for all toll lanes, automatically reading the license plates of all vehicles entering or leaving. The access by authorized personnel is controlled with transponder badges combined with personal identification codes.

It is in the connection of field cameras with the multiple command centers that the Milestone system has really proven its ability to fulfill the requirements of the port protection. To simplify the design and to contain the costs of implementation, dedicated fiber optic lines or wireless lines were used. Between Margreth Port and Porto Vecchio, both systems are used to ensure double the safety.

After the Port closes at night, Nogaro’s five command center video streams continue to be registered in the central system, but the signal is sent remotely to the Master of the Port of Monfalcone and to the Maritime Directorate of Trieste. Moreover, in the absence of system operators at Nogaro, the command centers are protected with any intrusion attempt reported using a high speed connection.

Esa Service has used the Milestone software to create a dedicated security portal that provides real-time remote assistance service on customer request. Most of the operations are carried out automatically. The Milestone software allows a wide margin of self-management: local users connect via the web to access the many features available online in full autonomy. In other cases, they may contact a systems operator who either intervenes remotely or activates the regional support team. The advantages here are many in terms of cost reductions, simplicity and speed of operations.