Harrah's takes digital video onto the network

Company signs 10-year technology agreement with Cisco for digital video, customer experience technologies

While Harrah's is adopting the Stream Manager systems (which came out of the acquisition of SyPixx two years ago), the company is not currently deploying any of Cisco's recently launched IP/network cameras, though Collen said he would hope to see that in the future. Collen noted that many casinos have first adopted IP cameras in the ancillary non-gaming areas (such as food and beverage), and that might be a solution for Harrah's as well.

Collen also noted that analytics is a potential solution for Harrah's, and while he said that video analytics is still too nascent to be used for safety purposes, Collen said it had promise in the gaming and hospitality markets for issues like reception desk queue management. "If the system detects too many people, it could send an alert to request another staff member for the reception desk," suggested Collen.