Bosch Releases Upgradeable AutoDome Camera System

Fairport, New York – Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, has unveiled an innovative high-performance surveillance system designed to keep pace with future technology and to never become obsolete.

The new AutoDome Camera System employs a platform of interchangeable modules that allow users to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to advanced functionality, such as object tracking and TCP/IP connectivity, as new innovations become available. Existing AutoDome modules can simply be replaced by modules incorporating newer technology, with no need to change the entire system. The new AutoDome system is compatible with the entire line of Bosch surveillance products as well as a number of competitive platforms.

Offering maximum flexibility, AutoDome modules are fully interchangeable and hot-swappable, allowing a system to be quickly and easily adapted to meet ever changing conditions and security requirements. For example, an AutoDome camera module can be quickly changed from fixed to PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), or color to day/night, without shutting off the power to the camera. Advanced capabilities, such as motion detection with tracking, can be added just by changing modules.

The new cameras allow for hybrid connectivity – the ability to stream IP and analog video simultaneously. This ensures compatibility with existing analog systems and permits system owners to change over to IP at their own speed, all at once or one camera at a time. In addition, the new AutoDome cameras easily integrate with the entire line of Bosch surveillance products, including switchers, recorders, and IP-based video management systems. The cameras utilize MPEG-4 encoding and compression to deliver DVD-quality 4CIF (common intermediate format) video at rates of up to 30 frames per second.

Bosch offers AutoDome models that incorporate intelligent features such as motion detection and AutoTrack II automated motion tracking technology. The new intelligent AutoDomes can detect motion while the camera is moving between presets or on a tour, and can even follow an object if it passes behind a privacy mask to ensuring continuous tracking. AutoTrack II utilizes Bosch’s unique “virtual masks,” so AutoDome only detects and tracks objects in specified areas while ignoring extraneous background motion, making the cameras ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras are offered in four models, ranging from basic level fixed-position, through two levels of PTZ, to the full-featured 500i-Series Intelligent PTZ Camera, considered state-of-the-art.

The cameras provide exceptional durability. All AutoDome pendant housings are rated to provide IP66 protection, and all housings come standard with a rugged, vandal-resistant polycarbonate bubble. In addition, the cameras come with a three-year warranty, the longest available in the security industry on a camera.

AutoDome Camera Systems are available through Bosch manufacturer’s representatives, which can be located by calling 866-CCTV-REP (866-228-8737).