Security Identification Systems Corporation Says Fast-Pass Visitor Solution Finding Success

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 8 -- Bad news for offenders. Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO), the industry leader in identity management visitor solutions, said its 'FAST-PASS(R)' system is making the grade with Florida School Districts. District personnel must now follow new protocols one of which is checking all school visitors against internal or external watch lists.

SISCO CEO Anthony Zagami said the company's state-of-the-art security system is flagging registered sex offenders and has proven to be effective in preventing registered sex offenders and unwanted visitors from entering secure buildings, such as public schools and hospitals. SISCO's patented systems have already been shown to be an effective access control and tracking system aboard most of the major cruise ship lines, and they have now been adapted to secure school districts and hospital around the country.

Zagami said his company intends to reach out to the Bush administration and domestic security officials who have severe challenges in developing fingerprint recognition and credentialing program to determine whether foreign visitors have actually left the country. The program, known as U.S. Visit, is considered critical to security and important in efforts to curb illegal immigration.

"We've developed new, mobile security systems for the marine industry, police departments, jails and even branches of the armed services that could help protect our country and our most valuable assets," Zagami said.

'FAST-PASS' technology works in real-time, provides a photo pass in seconds and captures a digital image of the person and the details of the individual's ID (i.e. driver's license and or passport). Additionally, FAST- PASS records the exact date and time of a person's arrival and departure from a facility or site as well as reason for visit thus creating an audit trial of all visitors. The system also generates customizable reports by time, date, department or visitor attributes.