IDTECK STAR 505R Portable with View005

IDTECK 505R, 125 KHz Standalone Proximity & Pin, Time & Attendance Controller is an advanced security fingerprint standalone controller for access control and time & attendance. It’s fully automated intelligence system offers you superb management of access control coupled with dynamic memory.

STAR 505R PORTABLE modified from the 505R is perfectly designed for those people who desire the need of security and identification at different sites. For the 505R (Portable)’s obvious need for mobility and convenience, it has been designed with a rechargeable battery. It is used in conjunction with a lap top so that it is suitable not only indoor places, but also outside locations such as construction sites.

-Installed at the thermoelectric power plant construction site -Used with VIEW005 for making even higher Security.

One of the best examples of the benefits he 505R Portable gives is at the Complex thermoelectric power plant in Nigeria, Africa (Construction managed by DAEWOO).

With 2000 workers the company needed not only a high level of security but also the dependable and accurate measurement of worker's time and attendance. Used together with the Controller VIEW 005, security staff for could check employees identities, location and time & attendance. IDTECK suggested the set up of 7 View005s in several different locations so that the workers can be allocated different entrances to clock in making line ups a thing of the past. Further more when they clock in, each worker's facial picture would be captured and sent to the main server for security and identification. This new system helped the workers to automatically line up to gain quick access to the plant. In the evenings 7 portable 505Rs and mini computers are handed to team managers to make sure each employees clock out times are registered correctly. Finally mini computers are connected to the main server, to send and update clock out data. Also due to the ever changing number of workers, IDTECK added the function of updating all the data using the main computer. Utilising the mobility and real time identification technology of the 505R Portable, employers found waiting times decreasing without a drop in security, benefiting not only them, but also their valued employees.