IDTECK Provides Great Deals on Star Packages

IDTECK, a leader in the field of RFID and biometrics systems, has been providing total security solutions with 20 years’ experience in the security market. With all different experiences and extensive research into the products, IDTECK knows every need and taste of customers and offers a wide range of products.

As the need of total solution has been increasing, IDTECK is now trying to make your security package more convenient.

The STAR PACKAGE consists of products that are easy to install, simple to operate and cost effective for the customers who want all-in-one solutions. With a choice of over 20 different packages, it can cater to your every need, providing you with the excellent systems such as access control and time & attendance.

The access control package for a single door and multi doors would perfectly fit for anywhere that needs secure access control systems. The employers may find the solution to manage employees with the time & attendance package. Also long range reader package is for those who need convenient but also secure system in parking lots. Now IDTECK is offering special discount rates for online orders. You can get great deals (up to 40% off) by simply clicking the order button on the IDTECK website. (