Imprivata Delivers Next Version of OneSign

Converged identity and access management platform now designed for the extended enterprise

Real Time, Integrated Reporting

OneSign 4.0 enables a user-centric view of activities for policy enforcement and compliance purposes. OneSign’s built-in database performs real-time replication of data across locations for accurate status monitoring for every user employing enterprise resources, including physical and IT assets.

Open Physical/Logical API Extends User-Centric Identity to Any Physical Access Control System

With OneSign version 4.0, Imprivata is also introducing an open API for OneSign Physical/Logical extending its convergence support more broadly into the physical security community. The open API will enable access control vendors to easily incorporate OneSign Physical/Logical’s identity-convergence capability into any installation and allow any supported system to become a part of the converged security platform.

“Imprivata’s identity convergence capability is what makes its OneSign platform truly all-encompassing,” said Marty Guay, COO, Securitas Security Systems USA, Inc. “Security today is about turning data into information, and Imprivata, by allowing easy consolidation of all relevant identity and security data, makes it far easier for security personnel to connect the dots around a security event.”

Other new features included in this release of Imprivata’s OneSign include:

-- Delegated Administration – enabling hierarchical administrative support across an enterprise’s physical and IT boundaries, as required;
-- Support for Multiple Accounts Per User for Any Application – allowing administrators or other users to access specific applications with multiple identities consistent with the role and level of access appropriate to the task;
-- Support for Vista on 64-Bit Systems – continuing to ensure that OneSign supports the widest range of Windows desktop environments; and
-- Multiple Token Support – allowing the administration of tokens from multiple vendors at the same time, without need to change current infrastructure.

Imprivata’s OneSign platform is an identity and access management solution conveniently packaged in an affordable and secure purpose-built appliance. It offers an effective way to achieve compliance while solving password management problems, reducing IT help desk costs and improving user productivity and security. The solution’s access management capabilities enable organizations to record and control who accesses what, when, and from where, helping to comply with corporate governance and government regulations. The OneSign platform includes OneSign Authentication Management (AM), which increases network security by replacing network access passwords with strong authentication options; OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO), which quickly and effectively solves password management, security and user access issues; and OneSign Physical/Logical, which integrates building and network access systems to enable location-based authentication and converged identity-based access policy.