DataDotDNA Offers Solution To Copper Cable Thefts

Issaquah, WA – June 19, 2006. Across the nation, the theft of copper cable is costing power companies millions of dollars in repairs and replacements. With the cost for copper increasing globally there is no end to this problem in sight, and indications are that it may become worse.

Identification Technologies have tackled this problem head on by creating a security system that allows every inch of copper cable to be identifiable back to the lawful owner.

Using the DataDotDNA identification system, thousands of microchips laser etched with a company’s name and telephone number can be sprayed throughout the length of the cable, indicating lawful ownership. With so many identifiers applied with the specially designed durable, weatherproof and non corrosive adhesive, it is virtually impossible for thieves to remove the true owner’s identity – a problem that is evident with current forms of cable stamping.

Easily detectable through the ultraviolet trace contained within the adhesive, DataDotDNA provides law enforcement with the tool they need to apprehend and obtain prosecutions of both thieves and receivers of stolen property.

As a deterrent, warning signs are posted around the perimeter fencing of each power station outlining that the copper cable has been identified and is traceable by law enforcement.

Currently being trialed by a major west coast power company, DataDotDNA provides an economical and viable solution that is now available for all companies who suffer these types of losses.

Identification Technologies' Copper Cable Theft Division can be reached online at