GFI Releases New Web Security Solutions For SMBs

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server available in three versions to meet administrators' particular web management requirements

Other features common to both editions include monitoring of which websites users are browsing and what files are being downloaded; monitoring and blocking of those applications that connect to their home pages to download updates; the ability to track download and upload traffic and URL hits over time; allow exceptions through the use of whitelists and blacklists; and controlled access to the configuration and monitoring interfaces.

"GFI WebMonitor delivers three major benefits that previously were available only to customers with enterprise-level budgets. First, GFI WebMonitor on an ISA Server can deliver a secure browsing experience for employees by protecting them against viruses, spyware and fraudulent websites. Second, it can enhance productivity by controlling access to websites such as adult and bandwidth hungry sites and, third, it aids the implementation of company security policies through Active Directory integrated features," David Vella, Director of Product Management at GFI said.

"We are offering excellent performance, benefits and functionality at a price that is affordable for SMBs. At the same time, the product is easy to use and requires the administrator to spend less time configuring and maintaining the system," he added.

A free trial of the three editions of GFI WebMonitor is available for download from Clients who would like to purchase either edition can do so through any of GFI's authorized resellers. Full pricing details can be found at