Quantum Secure Takes Part in 2007 GSO Technology Lab

San Jose, CA (August 8, 2007) – Quantum Secure, Inc., industry leader in the development of policy based enterprise physical security solutions, announces their sponsorship of this year's Global Security Operations 2010 event hosted by Ray Bernard and James Connor. The event, which couples a highly interactive workshop to cover management-level aspects of global security operations, with a hands-on technology lab to cover all aspects of global technology deployment, will be held at the Adobe World Headquarters in San Jose, California.

"Recent Security Executive Council research shows that fewer than 20% of CSOs and security managers have security programs that are well-aligned with their business," said Ray Bernard, co-host of the GSO 2010 event and President of Ray Bernard Consulting Services. "Learning from the successful experience of leading technology practitioners, global CSOs and security managers is a fast and practical way to get a handle on today's security issues."

"Quantum Secure is leading the Identity Management initiative within the physical security world which is comprised of disjointed and disparate physical access control systems," said James Connor, co-host of the GSO 2010 event and President of N2N Secure, Inc. "Quantum Secure's policy-based SAFE system demonstrates their leadership in this area and I am pleased to have them participate at the GSO Event."

"Our presence in the GSO Tech Lab will give us a direct audience with global security directors, CSOs, operations managers and security IT personnel," stated Ajay Jain, President, Quantum Secure, Inc. "GSO gives Quantum Secure the opportunity to present a full spectrum of the best integrated security technology to address physical identity, policy and event management solutions."

The day-one workshop consists of creatively engaging interactive work sessions based upon case studies from leading security practitioners and research material developed by the Security Executive Council. The day-two tech lab incorporates live and fully integrated systems. Visitors will participate in realistic management and security event scenarios, to experience how today's leading technology tools can help increase the effectiveness of global operations while reducing total cost of ownership for technology systems.