TeleEye releases central monitoring station software

TeleEye, a global leader in IP and mobile surveillance solutions, has released a new version of Central Monitoring Station Software (CMS V3) for its RX video recording servers and NX network cameras. As a British Standard 8418 compliant video management tool, CMS V3 provides a robust alarm management platform used by central monitoring station managers to offer a reliable central monitoring services to their clients.

BS 8418 Compliance

CMS V3 is designed to comply with British Standard 8418, the new guideline endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers for remote CCTV monitoring. Features includes tamper detection on alarm inputs of RX and NX Series, power failure detection, data retention, arming / disarming entry/exit zone configuration… A BS 8418 compliance system gives central monitoring station a faster and upper level response from the Police and achieves best practice of CCTV system design and installation.

Robust & Reliable for 24x7 Operations

Designed for multi-user, multi-site environment in remote video response centre (RVRC), individual operator authorities can be set by the administrator. A flexible operator account system ensures operators can monitor the clients’ premises for 24 hours even on a shift basis. The operators in a group can manage different sites cooperatively, balancing workloads when alarms occur.

Sophisticated Event Management

The operator will be alerted once there are events triggered by external alarm sensor, video motion, power interruption and tamper. Pre- and post-alarm images are received for speed visual alarm verification. Operators can carry out off-site arm/disarm, remote public addressing or other necessary actions. The event and activity reports are saved in a centralized logging system and traceable whenever required.

Modular & Highly Scalable Design

CMS V3 consists of 5 functional modules. Microsoft SQL Server stores comprehensive client information, user’s settings and event logs. Information Server acts as a communication platform for all CMS V3 modules. Video Server is the connection gateway between CMS, TeleEye video recording servers and network cameras. It supports 8 concurrent connections from TeleEye video recording servers and network cameras via Internet. Playback Server locates and streams the selected video footage to Video Server. Video Server is an interactive interface for operators to configure CMS V3 and conduct video monitoring according to access rights. The architecture is expandable for monitoring up to 200 sites and employed on different PCs, depending on the designed capacity of the CMS V3 system.

End-to-end CCTV Monitoring Solutions

TeleEye provides an end-to-end, BS 8418 compliant CCTV monitoring solution comprising of TeleEye RX video recording server, NX Series network camera and CMS V3. CCTV video to be transmitted to the CMS V3 in a central, fixed location or RVRC from multiple sites. The entire process to deliver a BS 8418 compliant CCTV surveillance solution is simplified and can be managed from one point of contact.

Other features include full screen display, reference images of client locations, electronic patrol, telemetry control, portable player for video backup and playback, remote public addressing and many more.

TeleEye CMS V3 is a professional and powerful solution designed for central monitoring and visual alarm verification applications. It is also suitable for a diverse range of high security, multiple site industries that require centralized security management such as banks, public utilities and property management.