Paxton Access Launches Proximity Marine Card Reader

Brighton, UK, 22nd August 2007: Paxton Access Limited, a market-leading manufacturer of intelligent access control solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of their sharpest looking reader to date; the PROXIMITY marine reader.

Its porthole design was inspired by numerous requests for a proximity reader that could withstand the elements experienced at sea, without compromising the aesthetics of a vessel. After all, a proximity reader is the only part of a system that’s likely to be viewed by onboard guests.

In its neutral state the marine-grade stainless steel bezel is illuminated by an inner and outer circle of blue light, making it highly visible at night and in poor weather. Access permissions are denoted by the light changing colour, green for granted and red for denied. It’s compatible with both Switch2 and Net2 systems and is capable of long read ranges when used with a hands free interface and tokens.

The reader’s sophisticated functionality and practicality in outside environments (IP67 rated) makes its inclusion in any system a wise decision. Limiting its use to just the marine world would be criminal. After all, Paxton Access believe it will be the reader of choice for all stylish and design led environments where aesthetics are paramount.