Europe Scientists Working on Security for Cargo Containers

Thales R&T scientists working on sophisticated cargo container security device

The time taken to be accepted by the ISO would depend very much on the extent of international support for a global standard, but could be reached within a couple of years.

What Thales R&T hopes to unveil next month, if given the green light by Brussels, is a standardised goods data device that would enable trade interests, handlers such as ports or transport companies, and law enforcement agencies, to check on any suspicious activity involving the box and its contents during the entire journey.

The time and location of events like a door opening, large shocks or periods without movement would be recorded, so that responsibilities for such activities can be ascertained.

Once the European Commission has allowed the proposals submitted for its Secure Container Data Device Standardisation project to be published, Thales plans to present its recommended interface to a conference in Dubai in November.

Lloyds List -- 08/22/07