KBM, AAID enter into strategic partnership

AAID Security Solutions, Member of Vuance Inc., and Kiland Business Management Systems (KBMS) have entered into a Strategic Partnership to use AAID’s Ultra Long Range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology to identify assets and create Real-Time inventory awareness of equipment located in rental and sales lots.

KBMS’s Software Management system, Ktrack, provides improved accountability of company equipment and assets and a reduction in labor and inventory cost. Ultra Long Range RFID Readers and Tags report inventory movement and current location status to Ktrack software. Long Range tags are placed on the facility’s entire asset inventory. AAID’s Passive Readers are then positioned throughout the facility, creating Real-Time inventory zones (tunable from 10’ to 1,000’) that will blanket the entire equipment lot. If WiFi is used and attached to the Passive readers, the zones are able to be tuned well beyond 1,000 ft and are able to be connected to the customer’s local area network (LAN) and/or wide area network (WAN) with wireless connections.

"AAID is excited about our relationship with Kiland and the opportunity to offer them our unique Ultra Long Range RFID Asset identification features and benefits to their customer base. The AutoAccess products can easily be integrated into their software, thus making asset identification and Real- Time Inventory awareness much easier to manage for the end-user. We also plan to offer the Kiland Ktrack Asset Management Software Solution to all of our Dealers and Systems Integrators for their own use as well," said Pete Martin, President, AAID Security Solutions.

Ktrack software provides a Real-Time inventory list of all the assets that are at the facility. An alert is created when a piece of equipment with the AAID Tag either moves from one inventory zone to another or when enters and leaves the equipment lot.

"To create a solution using RFID equipment and our software, we needed a company that could provide long range, dependable and cost effective equipment. AAID was willing to work with us and provided the best Long Range RFID products we could find to reach our objective," said Kevin Kiland, President, KBMS.

Ktrack client-side Web based software is designed for single or multiple locations and is accessible by all workstations through a web browser.

In addition to keeping track of equipment in inventory zones and in and out of the equipment lot, AAID’s Readers and Tags have the ability to provide Real-Time monitoring of personnel. Ktrack Software is able to link which employee is moving equipment from zone to zone by providing the employees with a RFID badge tag and creating a serial number to go along with that employee. Asset equipment companies would then get both movement alerts coming from the equipment and the employee at the same time.