Honeywell Creates New Security and Control System for Parking Facilities

LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 17, 2007 – Honeywell today announced that it has created a new solution for the parking garage industry focused on improving operator efficiency and protecting revenue control to increase profitability.

The new ParkMAXX solution combines the functions of audio intercom, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and entrance/exit gate control with the ability to interface with revenue control systems. By integrating Honeywell's video and access control products, including call management software, ParkMAXX connects garage patrons to attendants by synchronizing digital audio with corresponding video information. With a patron on one end of an intercom and an attendant at the other end, both garage owners and operators will benefit from the ability to assign a decision code to each transaction. Parking owners can realize significant cost savings and marked revenue increases in their facilities as a result of better information about daily operations.

"We searched for an integrated audio, video and revenue control interface that would meet the needs of our business," said Bob Johnson, director of location systems for InterPark. "Honeywell offered the right technology and flexibility we needed to customize a solution that fit our goals. They helped us select the products that would perform best in this particular installation and worked to ensure the system was effectively integrated with our existing equipment."

"When InterPark came to us with some specialized requirements and high expectations, we were confident that we could meet them," said Brian Holmes, director of sales for Honeywell Vindicator Security Solutions. "We spent a lot of time talking with them [InterPark] to clearly understand what they needed and worked closely with them to get it done."

InterPark has installed ParkMAXX at one of its many facilities in Philadelphia, PA. After the first six months of the installation, the garage realized a seven percent increase in revenue. "The newly installed ParkMAXX at our Philadelphia facility is an industry-leading solution that would not have been possible without Honeywell," continued Johnson. "We have increased revenue at the site and are providing better feedback to our operators and managers about daily performance."

Because Honeywell's Vindicator Security Solutions specializes in working with customers to meet demanding and unique requirements, ParkMAXX can be configured to meet the needs of many parking establishments. From simple outdoor lots or small single story garages, to large multi-level garages or enterprise-wide locations, ParkMAXX is an ideal solution for self-pay or manned facilities.

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