ADT introduces SafeWatch SafePass

The average American is plagued with a plethora of passwords - about 15 per household. But now, ADT's exclusive new SafeWatch SafePass is helping make life easier by eliminating the need to remember pass codes each time users interact with their home alarm system. With just a simple wave of a small key-tag at the touch pad, an ADT home security system can be activated or disarmed, helping to minimize false alarms and providing more convenience.

ADT is the first security company in the U.S. to launch the new technology. SafePass is ideal for ADT customers who have their hands full when they come home and need to easily activate their security system. With just a quick swipe of a SafePass keytag over the touch pad, users can disarm the system and enter their home.

Another benefit of having SafePass is that the keytags can be programmed to work only at specific times, allowing homeowners to restrict access. For instance, baby sitters or housecleaners can be given their own keytags, providing them access only during a specific window of time. Not only does this eliminate the need to manage multiple passwords, but it also limits when others can enter the home.

SafePass keytags are small, discreet and easy to use. They can be attached to key chains, backpacks or clipped to clothing. ADT Customer Vicki Zellner, from Powell, Ohio said, "SafePass saves me time and is so simple to use. I am very pleased with this new product."